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Choosing Bridal Veils

There are so many big decisions that need to be made when planning a wedding but for every big decision to be made, there are hundreds of smaller, yet still important decisions as well. While selecting the bridal veil might be an afterthought to the entire wedding ensemble, it is actually quite important to the overall appearance of the bride. Here are tips on how to choose the right veil and other considerations when selecting a bridal veil.

To be able to find the right veil, the bride needs to look at a number of factors, including her gown, hairstyle, body shape, face shape and the wedding location. It's important that the veil will compliment the gown, so a lot of things should be considered, including the color, style and the decorations on the gown. When the bride opts for a detailed gown, she is best suited to choose a simple veil. Conversely, if the bride has a simple gown, then she should select a more elaborate veil to embellish the gown. The veil color should be the same as the gown. Be aware that it can be difficult finding the exact shade of white or off-white.

Another factor to be considered in the selection of a veil is the hairstyle during the big day. For a heavy head piece or long veil, one should opt for an up-do hairstyle and a short veil is appropriate if the bride chooses to have her hair down.

Aside from complimenting the gown, the veil can also correct the proportions of the body shape of the bride. When the bride has a large stomach or bust, I recommend that she should go for a veil with a fingertip length, but if the bride has a pear-shaped body, she should choose a veil that has a shoulder, elbow or waist length.

Bridal veils also frame one's face, so it is essential for the bride to consider the shape of her face in the selection process. For a bride having a round face, the appropriate veil for her will be the one that will make her face look longer and slimmer. For a bride with a square face, she should look for a veil that softens her features and adds length to her face.

A bride should also take into consideration the location of her wedding before choosing her veil. If the wedding will be in a church, then she should select a cathedral style veil but if it's held in a small chapel, then she should opt for a shorter veil.

A wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime event and because this happens only once, everything - from the bridal gown to the location - should be perfect. Attention to all the details of a wedding will make this event one to be remembered.