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Looking For A Wedding Photographer?

Choosing the right wedding photographer can seem difficult, not to mention expensive. A good rule of thumb is to realize that the most expensive photographer doesn't necessarily mean your pictures will be the best. Look for a photographer that has many sample pictures, as well as one with a list of satisfied references. It can also help to ask family and friends if they can recommend anyone.

Be sure to let the photographer know any specific pictures you want to take beforehand. There are usually a standard set of pictures that wedding photographers take - groomsmen, bride and mother, etc. Anything out of the ordinary should be discussed with the photographer beforehand to make sure the taking of the picture can be worked into the photo shoot. Also let the photographer know of any pictures that you do not want him or her to take. Letting your photographer know this before the wedding will give him or her time to plan and schedule a set of pictures so the wedding day photo shoot goes quickly and smoothly.

Find out exactly what is included in the photographer's price. How will the pictures be sent to you and when can you expect to receive them? Many photographers offer wedding packages, some including pre-assembled photo albums. Look through the packages and decide which you'd like best. A professional photographer can also customize a package to better suit your needs.

You may want to ask your wedding photographer if you can purchase or have a CD or DVD of the original photographs, or the original negatives if the photos were taken on film. This will make it easier for you to make extra prints in the future.

Make sure your photographer has first hand knowledge of the venue before the wedding day. Some photographers will go to the rehearsal to get a feel for the setting and plan out certain shots. This is also a good time to let the photographer know of any aspects of the venue that you do not want to see in photographs.

Finally, make sure your photographer and you enter into an agreement - or contract - that includes all the services that he/she is providing, as well as the price and cancellation policy.